Building Businesses that work

The key to any successful business is its design.

Not the physical structure but how it is designed.

Designed to facilitate communication that coordinates

action and leads to exponential growth in service of a specific purpose. Not the thing, but the activity

of coordination of action.

 My approach has changed and I am now working with

my  dear friend and partner Michael McMaster

in a new joint venture McMaster & Brown.

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Get clear about the direction in which you want to travel and discover how to generate the momentum to achieve your vision. This call is not free, but then free advice if often not worth the time it takes to get it.

I was looking for guidance about what to do and who to do it with and how. I got the clarity of purpose, stopped pitching to the wrong people, started charging the right amount of money and decided to get serious and focus on what I needed to grow my business.


By working with Adrian I was able to overcome the obstacles that were holding me back and make progress towards my goals. He was the person I needed, the mentor I could turn to when I was stuck and he guided me to greater clarity; he helped me open my mind and push through the challenges. Working with Adrian gave me clarity, confidence, and a robust action plan to take me to my goals.

The emotional impact of our work together increased my self-confidence and clarity; that led to an increase in my turnover from the event alone, from €25K up to €150K in 4 years.

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2022 is The Dawn of a NEW Technology of Leadership & Management.

To get to the new we have to build on what exists and become innovative so that work can be properly appreciated and applied. Adrian’s father had a saying, “make your work your hobby and every day is a holiday”. For many, that is not how work shows up. In this book, we want to show you how you can humanise work in your organisation, because that is the quickest and most cost-effective way to increase performance and profitability, whilst at the same time creating an organisation that people will love to work in.

To achieve a powerful vision four elements must come together at the beginning. A powerful vision needs a champion, a person who understands what is required to bring the vision into reality and has the necessary self-esteem. It requires a strategic intent that defines the direction of the business, people who want to cooperate and collaborate and the organisational design to support it.

Along with my Joint Venture Partner, Michael McMaster, McMaster and Brown provides the tools and approaches to develop the leadership and management technology that you require to bring your vision into reality. The power, and use, of human organisation, is to do what only human social organisation can accomplish.  However, we lack the necessary features of social organisation that make continuous innovation and growth both possible and natural. This requires a new technology of leadership and management.

We do not offer personal transformation. We work with organisation design, not the thing, the way the flow of knowledge and information flow through the organisation.

My mission in life is to positively impact 100,000 business owners, just like you, to build the best business they can. To build a business that works for them, their team, customers, stakeholders and community. My expertise is helping business owners identify the challenges and obstacles in their path and help them get into action.

Together with Michael McMaster, we have written two new books about how to make organisations more productive. The Power of Organisation and The Power of Management are the first two books in a series of seven Bite-Sized Books.

What I have developed while working with Adrian is the ability to inspire and develop others while managing complex relationships which has now become a core skill in my leadership.

As a leader of a start-up business what I found I needed was to be able to gently direct and guide the team towards my vision without bossing people about which is not something I had had to deal with before.

Now after working with Adrian, I have developed team management skills and I have the confidence, certainty and clarity to delegate effectively, lead confidently and continue to grow and scale the business.

Adrian is just a lovely person to work with and spend time with and he has a great number of useful leadership tools to share.


Managing Director

A New Context For Your Business today

The name 2be2serve comes from my understanding of the single most important driving force in your business – You. Who do you have to be to serve yourself, your team, your customers and your community?